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Fred Fuchs
Fred Fuchs television and film producer active in the United States and Canada. He's name was seen in Angry Video Game Nerd's Dracula episode, where he misread his name as Fred Fucks written with a stylised font. Later, it became a commonly used joke by the AVGN fans.

His surname is correctly pronounced as "F-you-ks".

Also, he is the main boss (named as Fred Fucks) in the video game, Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.
AVGN: "Overall, it's a mediocre platformer game and a cheap exploitation of the Coppola movie. Wait, who's this? (sees the name of producer Fred Fuchs in the credits) Fred Fush-Fred Fuchs? (He prononces "fuchs" as "fucks") FRED FUCHS?! FRED FUCHS! Oh, my God, Fred Fuchs! Ohhh, my God, it's Fred Fuchs! Ah-hahahaw, Fred Fuchs!"
by Frederic S. Fucks on Sep 6, 2014

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