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To "youtube" something, meaning to look it up on youtube.
Black man says: Yo man, I want to see the Pop Lock and Drop It Video. Where can i find it?

White man says: Youtube it man!
Beküldő: thomas lavoie 2007. október 14.
A word used to tell someone to look at a certain video.
"Monkeys Dancing, youtube-it."
Beküldő: Riley B. 2008. március 15.
To look something up on youtube
if you need a recipe for biscuits youtube it
Beküldő: marhol 2011. május 6.
Searching for a video on youtube.
Girl 1: Hey, have you seen that new smosh video?

Girl 2: No.

Girl 1: Ok, I'll youtube it for you.
Beküldő: OmgxXlykexXrawr? 2009. július 19.
youtube + it
when you want someone to look up something on youtube.
see also googleIt and wikit
hey have you seen that new video?!
no man, youtubeIT!
Beküldő: Malika ann. 2008. január 16.
when someone want to see something they never seen before
how do you get girls nude and wet? youtube it
Beküldő: tylert97 2011. június 20.