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A term used to refer to a vagina with multiple STDs. Often with visible blisters and/or warts, accompanied usually by a terrible stench.

Alternatives: yankin', yanking.
My pussy be yankin'.
Beküldő: C Gary 2011. április 7.
611 362
Yankin: When the pussy is so good that when you try and pull ya dick out that shit be pullin back. Ya dick just can't stop stroking.
Girl: This pussy ain't had no teacher, but it's been trained.

Guy: Oh shit, ya pussy be yankin??
Girl: I ain't even gon lie, this pussy be do be yankin
Beküldő: Reduction 2011. július 7.
428 262
a word yelled at the top of ones lungs to confuse and startle people often in a crowded area by a large obnoxious man refers to yankin panties down
the man yelled yankins in a crowded bar
Beküldő: randaulpherson ton 2011. február 14.
4 2
the stroking of one's cock, most embrassing when caught by your parents or the girl you like.
Bobby, quit yankin and get down here and do your chores.
Beküldő: Bobby Yank 2005. február 3.
163 173
SF BAy Slang meaning exceptional level of excitement and enjoyment; crankin
Is the party at the club tonight cuz it ain't poppin off if I can't go dumb.
Beküldő: A.O. 2005. március 17.
133 176
From Lady's song "pussy be yankin" Apparently it is a word to describe good pussy.
This bitch said her pussy be yankin... I had no fucking clue what that meant so I just let her give me a blow job
Beküldő: Dr.wiz 2011. április 14.
184 247