To talk incoherently;
That fat-ass hairy animal;
Yakuza ;
A hairy fat man
He just keeps on yakin';
Look at that yak, he's so fat;
That yak looks pretty tough
Beküldő: spitfire 2005. február 16.
A Man's Penis
Don't talk back, suck off my yak.
Beküldő: JoeSMDD 2003. augusztus 29.
see "spew"
Beküldő: Katy! 2002. július 20.
Rich Guy:Looky here, baby. You're hittin' them corners too goddamn fast. You need to slow this motherfucker down, you understand? I almost spilled my 'yak on this $200 suit, nigger. Come on, baby, keep it together.

Rich Guy's Chauffeur:Yeah, whatever, motherfucker.
Beküldő: PLATINUM RyDER 2010. február 1.
another term for token black guy. normally born on the streets of compton and lives in the urban ghetto (waldridge). probably the coolest dude on the planet
he there's yak. he cool

i think i'm the yak of this town
Beküldő: yakus 2005. május 5.
The greatest person to ever live.
Yak is the coolest mo-fo ever.
Beküldő: El Yakko 2003. szeptember 18.
The heavenly creature that flies across the sky in it's magic kayak. Every year, it will pop out of your bath-hole on Shaving Yak Day. Be sure to leave some shaving cream by your sink. If you are lucky, he might leave you a surprise.
"GASP! The Shaving Yak left me shavng-scum!"
Beküldő: Bastardized Bottomburp 2003. március 18.

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