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What Would Jesus Text
Text Messaging Etiquette - Do not pass text messages that ruin other people's reputation. Stop and think " WWJT"
Beküldő: Weed Whacker Wally 2009. július 22.
7216 3298
What Would Jesus Tweet?

...He wouldn't, dumbass. That's the joke.
Bob: I'm thinking of getting a Twitter account.

Frank: WWJT?

Bob: I don't get it.
Beküldő: JamesBeam 2010. április 3.
127 99
Stands for WHAT WOULD JESUS TEXT? A phrase similar to WWJD but, when in a tough 'texting' situation it would be best to think W.W.J.T.
Guy #1: Omg man check out this picture my girl just sent me! Im gonna go send her one back!

Guy #2: No man think W.W.J.T.

Guy #1: WTF does that mean?

Guy #2: What Would Jesus Text bro?!

Guy #1: You know what man.. Your right.. I wont send one back.
Beküldő: The KARV 2010. június 3.
5 3
An acronym for "What Would Jesus Text?"
Alex: "Damn I dunno dude. WWJT?"

Jesus: "Fuck bitches, get money!"
Beküldő: Jebus the II 2010. április 16.
18 47
What would Jesus think ??
You text something and you think its funny then the text back something and you think WWJT
Beküldő: Bomb Box 2010. április 11.
6 38
In Ultimate Frisbee : what would Jesus throw?
Jessica: Dude, WWJT?

Lizzard: I-O forehand all the way!
Beküldő: ViolaLizzard 2010. április 8.
9 42
What Would Jesus Toke?
Joey: Man I've been spending three hours at the dispensary trying to figure out what I need for my extreme case of boredom.

Jake: Think WWJT

Joey: Dude I'm Jewish

Jake: Ooops, my bad, btw power-plant will do you wonders.
Beküldő: greatful hemp 2010. április 6.
8 50