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A person who plays World of Warcraft(Wow) non stop. All they talk, think, and do is Wow. They are more obsessed with WOW than a drug addict.
Steven: *comes up behind you, stabs you in the back with invisible knife* Ganked!! hahaha

TJ: Dude you are a freaking wow fag steven!

#wow #loser #problem #annoying #childish
Beküldő: PeeeU (TJ) 2006. június 9.
George Fisher
<talented musician> Hey, WoWfag
<George Fisher> Hey, bag o' douche
#cannibal corpse #wow #world of warcraft #fat people #george fisher #dorks #nerds #wowphags
Beküldő: Xtreme2252 2009. március 8.
A person who plays the MMORPG called World of Warcraft.
"Oh man, did you hear about that guy talking about his level 70 Night Elf?"

"Yeah, He's obviously a total WoWfag."
#wow #world #of #warcraft #world of warcraft #wowfag
Beküldő: totalwowfag 2007. szeptember 17.
Someone who plays World of Warcraft and very few other games. a WoWfag will also insult any other game mentioned to him and then mention how good WoW is.
Proper gamer: I beat HL2 today :)
WoWFag: HL2 is for noobs, play WoW if you want to be cool.
Proper gamer: :\ are you even alive anymore?
#wow fag #wow #world of warcraft #blind #zombie
Beküldő: Bojazz 2008. január 28.
watch south park season 10 episode 8 and it explains it all
Jake: wurs mark at
Joe: he has no life now he just plays some retarded game all day hesa wow fag
Jake: wow maybe i should 2 i have no no life aka no penis
#wow #world of warcraft #fag #pussys #gay
Beküldő: Wut It Dew 2006. október 7.
someone whos life is world of warcraft and thier only friends r internet friends n they think they r actualy thier characters
koo kid: yo lets go hoopin
wow fag: i cant i have 2 do a raid
koo kid: wtf u tombout?
wow fag: itsa part of a game my guild needs me
#wow #world of warcraft #wow nerd #fagot #gay
Beküldő: pimpin da pen 2006. augusztus 10.
Someone who is a complete loser because they devote their lives to this game.

Not to be confused with WoW player, because ordinary players don't necessarily waste their lives on it.
John: 'I just pulled an all nighter playing WoW to get my Rogue up to level 80 before I go broke and can't renew my membership'

Ted: 'Dude you are such a WoW fag!'

John: 'You play it too!'

Ted: 'Yeah but I don't waste my life on it!'
#wow #world of warcraft #fag #rogue #lvl 80
Beküldő: Freshbott2 2010. május 9.
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