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one possessing amazing leadership qualities and a tactical mind
Damn we shouldn't have attacked Storm! Wolfe leads Storm. I guess we're screwed!
Beküldő: Member 1298765453ev+829348 2003. augusztus 13.
A young man with a fabulous name and overlarge, fantastic eyebrows. Very smart though forgetful, adds insightful random bits to everyday conversation. Makes everyone smile. Is wanted by all the ladies (especially asians.) Is a wonderful person.
"Those trees are very expensive." - a wolfe statement.
Beküldő: cake8888 2012. január 10.
(noun) When you drink way too much for your own good, and throw up on the host's bed.
I can't believe Heather pulled a Wolfe last night.
Beküldő: MostValuablePartyer123 2011. március 13.
Thee most famous leader in the game AO, know on different servers for his prowes as a skilled leader and tactition. common usage akin to "ubur"

Also known to insight hatered and loathing jealousy in his enermies
"that's some nice armour, that armour is wolfe bro"

"you Wolfed that guy lol" (after a player has done particularly well in pvp

Beküldő: annon 2003. augusztus 15.
The last name of a not so famous Porn star.
Did you see Devin Wolfe's latest movie?
Beküldő: Dragon 2004. január 31.
To steal or take without ones knowledge
Hey, I think that guy just wolfed your wallet
Beküldő: jressica 2006. szeptember 3.
thinks his disses are funny even tho they are not.
Beküldő: mmmm 2003. szeptember 17.
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