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Used to describe large, hanging or dangling labia.
As in "Holy cow! Check out the wizard sleeves on that broad!"
Beküldő: JMFS 2006. szeptember 14.
937 426
A vagina with hanging labia. Many Felmales have it and if you do you shouldn't feel self conscience about it because it's completely normal. And all the people writing that its disgusting on here should feel ashamed of themselves because They're probably just making completely normal people feel shit about themselves.
if you have written on here that its bad then look up cunt to find out what you are.
An example of some one with a wizard sleeve is probably some one you know and like.
Beküldő: my names already used 2008. július 14.
1070 733
The inner labia of a vagina that protrude well beyond the outer labia. So called because they are large and stretchy and flap in the wind like the silken sleeve of a wizard's garments. The presence of a wizard sleeve gives the vulva an appearance quite different than a coin slot and usually means the vagina is not a peach.
I went down on her, which was nice, but her freakin' wizard sleeve kept getting in the way!
Beküldő: CasaP 2008. április 23.
637 418
a loosely rolled joint
daniel: im sorry, this joint is kind of a wizard sleeve
Beküldő: eatbabywhale 2012. november 2.
38 45
Designer toy company hell bent on taking over the world one toy at-a-time.
I buy all my collectible toys at Wizard Sleeve Toys.
Beküldő: H-W-I-C 2010. március 24.
85 111
A Very Large Vaginal Opening
Wow is this the video of your wife giving birth?...
.EWW!!!The Meat is hanging out it looks like a Wizard Sleeve.
Beküldő: MapQua 2009. december 28.
47 78
when a womans vagina droops down it is described as a wizards sleeve due to its widening.
Why katie what a big wizard sleeve you have, well Tom, when you're as old and have had as much sex as i have, thats what happens
Beküldő: stranger12345678901234567890 2011. október 17.
132 166