the bits of shit that are left behind after youve wipped youre arse.
I had several winnets stuck to my a hole, they itched like hell!
Beküldő: david sidebotham 2006. április 19.
Top Definition
faecal matter that adheres to hairs around the anus
that winnet is a bugger to remove
Beküldő: Marty 2005. március 22.
Nuts of poo dangling from the hair around your ricker.
Bum nuts
Beküldő: Bob 2003. november 24.
Dried shit stuck to your arse ring
Barrie Houghton is a Winnet
Beküldő: Dangleberry 2005. február 17.
1) Poo that is found under the males foreskin after poo-sex
2) Poop that has lodged itself and stuck in ur butt hair
1) Three hours after butt-fucking the Rump Raider found his sausage was itching, and upon inspection found a sizeable lump of winnet lurking beneath his man-skin
2) Not wiping is not a good idea - little johnny wipe-alot
Beküldő: Monkeyman_00 2004. május 2.
the pieces of poo stuck in your bumhair from not wiping your ass enough
shit i ran out of toilet roll, pieces of poo will gather around the bumhair,called winnets
Beküldő: stevieb100 2007. október 12.
General term for the deposition of faecal matter deposited on or around the hair on ya bum. Similar to dewberry but runnier in form. Often reffered to as the masculine version of quimmets
Beküldő: Weezhard 2003. január 31.
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