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As you are in the heat of sex, the man or woman sticks their head down into their partners anus. Upon reaching the anus, the one who is not face full of ass will then let out a fart into the others mouth. After the fart has been pushed out, the person will hold the fart in their mouth as they slowly go to kiss the opposite sex. She or he will then release the fart and blow it all over the face of their partner. This completes the wind tunnel.
Ms. Jansen really wanted to get freaky so I decided to give her a wind tunnel. She LOVED it.
Beküldő: Davidd R. 2008. január 24.
when you lick someone's anus, then that person farts in your mouth, then you suck in that fart and blow it back in their face.
I tried to give Lauren a wind tunnel but then she shit in my mouth!!!
Beküldő: g. janssen 2008. január 23.
When a womans vagina is so large, that when they spread their legs, all surroundings get sucked into it. Think Miroku from Inuyasha.
"-What!? You cheated on me? WIND TUNNELLLLLL"

"No! Watch out for the bees!"
Beküldő: Mkmkmk 2009. november 30.
This "sex" position requires 8 males, doesn't matter if gay or not.

First Guy: On Hands and Knees with ass hanging out (nude)
Second Guy: Holding First Guy's Ass Crack Open (preferably not touching the inside of the bum.
Third Guy: Doing the Same thing as the First Guy, yet on top of him
Fourth: Holding the Third Guy's Ass Crack Open Just like the Second Guy
Fifth Guy: Doing the same thing as the First and Third Guy yet on top of both
Sixth: Holding the Fifth Guy's Ass open Just like the Fourth
At this moment you should have three guys with open assholes (facing same direction) and three guys holding their assholes open making a valley of ass skin.
If you look up or down it there should be a straight linear line
Seventh Guy: This individual is on top of the First Third and Fifth guy yet blowing a strong but quick line of air down the ass valley.
Eighth Guy: This guy is at the very bottom receiving the line of air from the seventh guy and breathing it in or even blowing air back.
The Freshman Party was weird until the guys came together and formed a Wind Tunnel
For some odd reason my mom played the Eighth Guy
I got pink eye from this.
Beküldő: IslamicBarbarian420 2016. május 31.
When someones microphone is of poor quality and produces a horrid sound to the ears that can cause deafness and loss of ability to hear in hd
Dude are you sure you got a new mic, you're wind tunneling
Beküldő: TheHipster 2016. július 18.
the act of opening your japs eye and letting a female pass wind into it.
female : i really need to pass wind
male : can i have a wind tunnel babe ?
Beküldő: BONESy 2014. július 3.
A verb used to describe a majestic burst of wind from the ass on to an erect penis, giving a strange sensation!
1) "What the hell!?!? did you just give me a wind tunnel!?!? YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!!!"
2) "So last night i was watching, porn and this girl totaly gave the pimp a wind tunnel!! AaaaHAHAHAHA!"
Beküldő: TnTuPuRaSs 2010. május 4.
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