when you bend your wrist and have a patch of wrinkly soft skin.
Your willy is so soft! do you exfoliate?
Beküldő: WillyLuver 2009. november 23.
A psycho who is obsessively jealous over everything. Will get mad at you for anything if you dont tell him at least a week in advance.
wow! you're seriously being a willy right now!
Beküldő: menslady217 2009. január 23.
A kiddie word for a penis
"My willy is small and white"
Beküldő: TobyAllen 2007. március 28.
Can be used as an insult.
Omg! You are such a willy!
Beküldő: Remote! 2007. augusztus 18.
A Willy is Canadian slang for a $5 dollar bill because of the guy on the cover called Sir Wilfred Laurier, who was the 7th prime minister of Canada
Get out there and collect some Willys.
Beküldő: Doofie Fresh 2007. szeptember 27.
Get as much pussy as you possibly can before you leave highschool
Wow i def am a willy
Beküldő: wawacanoza1121 2008. április 28.
Fully-clothed, premature ejaculation whilst rounding first base.
Dude TJ just pulled a Willy and tossed his shorts in the tub
Beküldő: Stewart Smally 2007. november 20.

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