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1) A really good energy drink that causes extreme hyperactivity.


2) Punishment via beating
1) Man, that whoopass sure is good!!!

2) Am I gonna have to open a 2,000 year old can of Chinese whoopass on you?!?!
Beküldő: Sporkster 2004. június 30.
One of the only things better than Red Bull when it comes to makes you DIE from the greatness it is...
After drinking Whoopass i was so hyper i couldnt sleep for 2 years
Beküldő: TOC TM OS 2004. június 28.
something you give someone if they are being an asshole
ill give you a side of whoopass!
Beküldő: cosmic fool 2003. szeptember 7.
See also diet whoopass.
Beküldő: BleezeMonkey 2003. szeptember 18.
1) A flamboyant homosexual that lures young men in for sexual pleasure.

2) A forum troll, wastes time spamming message boards, usually in invisible mode.

3) To recieve; to be ass-ram'd.

also see: Gay; Faggot; Fag; Homo; Homosexual; BandAID.
1) 9xdsl is Whoopass.

2) Whoopass at

3) Man that 14 year old whoopass'd me so hard last mine I could barely walk.
Beküldő: ÆnimaV 2003. március 23.
You've obvs done something wrong, so someone will come and get you and beat you up litterly
Amy: I cant believe he dumped you! I'm gonna whoop ass him!
Beküldő: tard-o-licous 2009. július 2.
A whoop ass or woopass is a super kick to that blow your ass off and than it smells like crap even when you wash it 5 times per day. The cur is simple: spread limonade 3 times per 12 hours in the ass and the whoop will pass. Do tyhis in 4 days or you'll have a whoop ass for ever.

BTW: Whoop ass IS NOT ass whoop.
*Loan super kicks Frederik's ass*

Fred: Dude, why you do that?
Loan: Yesterday I got my ass whoop! Now it's your turn you noob!
Fred: Oh, really? -.-

*Fred whoop asses Frederik*

Frederik: See?
Beküldő: X-RDG 2009. május 18.