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When a man ejaculates, the white stuff comes out.
Beküldő: Bed time 2010. június 15.
Snow. Precipitation in the form of small ice crystals.
According to the weather forecast we'll be getting plenty of the white stuff tomorrow.
Beküldő: Arschlöchli 2006. október 14.
The White Stuff is in the middle of an Oreo, baby!
"In the middle of an Oreo, the White Stuff!" - Weird al Yankovic
Beküldő: Mike Clemson 2006. október 15.
A racist term used to describe the White people. Mainly from western country, i.e. British, American, Aussie, Italian, etc.
WSmith: I hate those white-stuff, they're fucking racist
Beküldő: casvanick 2010. április 28.
1. alcohol, especially illicit liquor

2. cocaine
Stay away from the white stuff. You don't know what it'll do to you.
Beküldő: The Return of Light Joker 2010. augusztus 6.