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When you ask somebody whats goin on.
What's up, what's goin on
Beküldő: joe dutch 2004. augusztus 20.
how blood gang members say whats up to each other.... also used to see if you blood or not
blood 1: whats popping
Blood 2: everything
Beküldő: dmoney 2 2005. november 10.
whats going on, whats really good, whats up
whats poppin tonight?
Beküldő: KFizzle 2003. november 20.
Short slang for, "What the fuck is going on, nicca?"
What's poppin, g?
Beküldő: Nuckra 2004. április 27.
means what's up, what's good right now, how are you
So if u ask someone "What's poppin' with you". You are asking what is good with that person or what are they doing.
Beküldő: Ohmod Logan 2006. június 23.
1) What is happening of interest. Often refers to parties or clubs.
A) Whats poppin tonight?
B) I heard there was a party up on Third St.
Beküldő: tha boy 2005. november 27.
Ebonic form of "Hello, how are you?", "What is new?", or "What's up?"
Person A: "What's Poppin dawg?"

Person B: "Nuttin, just watching the Country Music Awards and hockey."
Beküldő: Lazarus Ciccone 2004. december 20.

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