If your are being dised by some one and you have no come backs say what ever!
Pedro V:Ross your so freaking gay!
Ross B:Yeah WHAT EVER!
Beküldő: Pedro 2003. május 30.
1. refusing to have anything to do with someone for obvious reasons such as ugliness,social standing etc.
eww look its the trumpet players what-ever!
Beküldő: sparky 2005. március 2.
1.saying you refuse to talk to someone because they are fugly, and stupid.
get away geek i mean what-ever
Beküldő: sparky 2005. március 2.
the best comeback of all time
person 1: you're such a moron
person 2: whatever
Beküldő: Szy 2006. április 13.
An unspecified activity.
We sat around doing whatever until dinner time.
Beküldő: tagonist 2005. április 7.
Commonly used phrase when someones telling you something and you dont believe em
"won the fuckin lottery at the weekend, £6 million quid like"

"Whatever you fuckin turncoat"
Beküldő: grolsch guzzler 2003. szeptember 1.
Whatever is a word you use when....yeah, yeah whatever....
Saddam: Pleeeeease don't lock me in that hole!

Bush: . . . . whatever
Beküldő: ingrid 2004. július 14.

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