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a very tiny dick; usually 1-3 inches
Boy: look at my shlong!
Girls: ahahahhahaha! u got a wee wee!
Beküldő: J 0 K A 2005. február 25.
A childish word for urinating
"Mummy! I need to go wee wee real bad!"
Beküldő: Billy-Bob McSanchez 2005. április 6.
the thing that peepee comes out of
my doctor circumsized my weewee!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. április 6.
A penis that is under 4 inches in length when hard. Anything over 4 inches can be refered to as dick, cock, ect.
"Hahahaha, she said that max had a weewee"

"I need a cock pump for my weewee"
Beküldő: j-john 2006. július 26.
1. to pee
2. a small penis
1. i have to go weewee
2. my baby has a weewee
Beküldő: lololowtfhihahavvv 2004. december 14.
An extremely tiny penis that is barely able to be called a penis; A laughably small penis.
When Ryan's swimming trunks fell off, he didn't realize it and stepped out of the water. Us girls all laughed at his tiny, hairless wee wee!
Beküldő: super hot Sarah 2010. május 12.
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