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A vinyl record; LP.
Im still listenin' to wax im not usin the CD. -Beastie Boys, Sure Shot
Beküldő: BeastieBen 2003. szeptember 3.
A highly concentrated form of THC, similar to Hash, that is a waxy substance and smoked to get high
Hey I scored some Wax lets go blaze it up
#hash #thc #weed #blaze #marijuana #mary jane #mota #fire
Beküldő: Drog65 2014. január 5.
Another way of saying kill or murder.
Yo, lets wax that motherfucker.
Beküldő: Drake 2004. július 14.
1) To apply wax to something (either as a coating or as graffiti)

2) To kill; derived from fighter-pilot slang (originalmeaning: 'to shoot down in aerial combat')
1) Hey, who waxed "Police Everywhere Justice Nowhere" on the courthouse?

2) Whoa, he waxed that MiG with his eyes closed!
Beküldő: Macavity 2005. augusztus 25.
1. busting your nut on someone
2. vinyl record
wax that ass
putting it on wax
Beküldő: chillcat 2003. május 30.
The act of sex, also referred to as "waxing, getting waxed."
I'm gonna wax that ass.
Beküldő: Ron 2005. március 9.
To defeat one's opponent in a convincing manner, particularly in a contest of speed.
Yo, check billy-bob trying to race me in his Saturn. Shit, I could wax that p.o.s. hooptie in second gear!
Beküldő: Winston Smith 2005. március 19.
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