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Outrightly drunk or high, out of one's mind, and the polar opposite of sober.
"Break out that bottle of vodka so we can all get wavey."
Beküldő: the smitha 2009. január 26.
Lookin Fly, Swaggarific And Cool
Person 1: Jheeze!!... Ur Lookin Wavey Cuz

Person 2: Dun Kno.. U Kno Hw I Du... Gotta Look Wavey Allday Everyday.... Jheezzuuss!!
Beküldő: FlavaChild 2010. február 1.
to be high as shit
yo, u tryin to get wavey??
Beküldő: ryan617 2009. november 18.
anything having attributes that remind one of THE WAVE aspect of the GREAT POLARITY (the YIN-YANG taoist symbol).

alias for cannabis.
woah! totally wavey!

i smoked some cannabis then felt all wavey.

i could go for some wavey.

this is some stuff from my wavey day.
Beküldő: ?0~ 2005. június 18.
Happy, expressing joy.
Winning a Scrabble game makes some people wavey.
Beküldő: jason h 2004. február 6.