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the best thing known to man
i fucking worship vagina. i'd like to liv in 1.
Beküldő: fucksoid 2005. április 24.
Vagina is the gateway to paradise and heaven or could be the gateway to child support and depression. You never know, so becareful guys and now you may "Enter the Dragon." Wait, fuck the dragon and "Enter the Vagina." Much better.
Beküldő: Grand Master Cocky 2009. december 8.
The private pubic area located in the nether region of the female body Down Town.
With a wink, she asked if he was going "Down Town" on her vagina later.
Beküldő: Nick-o 2007. június 15.
The plural form of vagina. Vaginae is also acceptable.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. augusztus 12.
In a male's lifetime, it is his overall goal to obtain this object. In many societies, after a male captures and tames this object he is praised and also looked down upon for stretching it out.
"hey bill, i heard sindy let you get a look at her vagina."
Bill begins to run...
Beküldő: the bacon patrol 2010. július 6.
The only thing worth living for.
you can use it to cream pie a girl.
some guys enjoy "eating" it but others prefer to "touch" it. Personally i just like to stick my magic stick in.
Man Amber has a nice vagina.
Beküldő: yaaaaah 2008. október 27.
Christ between thighs
"Dude, I slammed that vagina last nite."
Beküldő: colin raymond 2010. február 12.