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to throw up.
i upchucked my lunch.
Beküldő: Akaikya 2003. június 15.
the expulsion of stomach contents mixed with mucus, and traces of stomach fluids.
Puke, Vomit Hurl, blow chunks
I am wasted, my good friend, i think i might have to up chuck all over your face if you would not kindly escort my sick ass to the toilet.
Beküldő: Dave 2004. június 13.
1. relating to vomit or vomiting
2. An appropriate name for North Charleston, the ghetto attached to Charleston, SC. North Charleston is clearly up from Charleston on the map. Charleston is often referred to as "Chucktown". Thus "up" and "chuck" forming "Upchuck".
1. Don't upchuck in my car!
2. Remember to lock your doors if you're driving through Upchuck, and don't gaze directly at any of its inhabitants.
#vomit #puke #barf #south carolina #charleston #chucktown
Beküldő: koalaroo 2008. május 19.
Chuck means to throw, and also sounds like "chunks" so it's a fun term for throwing up (vomiting). There was a joke (now quite antique) when Princess Diana was first pregnant. "Do you know what Charles and Diana are going to name their baby? Up. Because then they can be 'Up, Chuck and Di'." (Upchuck and die, which was funny then because the going insult in those days was "eat shit and die.") You can also recite, a la "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck..."...
Eeyew, he's gonna upchuck.
Beküldő: Sandra Dodd 2004. december 29.
to vomit, to empty ones stomach through one's mouth
Don't you upchuck on the rug.
#barf #blow chunks #call dinosaurs #chunder #earl #hurl #laugh at the carpet #puke #ralph #shoot one's cookies #talk on the big white phone #technicolor yawn #up-chuck #up chuck
Beküldő: The Return of Light Joker 2008. június 18.
like a burp, when you throw up a little in your mouth and sometimes automaticly swallow it
guy: hey hows it goin?

girl: nothin, how about you?

guy: Oh me well ive been wondering if you would want to go on a date w/ me

girl: oh sorry i just up chucked.
#teaspoon #up-chuck #tatted up #spoon #five
Beküldő: tonyhojo 2007. március 25.
1. (v) to vomit
2. (v) In software engineering, the word is often used when a program terminates abnormally.
1. I drank 3 cases of beer and I upchucked for days.

2. "Hey, man, wake up! Your program just upchucked and the supervisors want it fixed now!"
#puke #vomit #glitched #bomb #abend
Beküldő: Robert E. Porter, Jr. 2006. augusztus 20.
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