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an expletive used in the Potter Puppet pals; wizard swear.
Harry Potter: Lose some weight before you hug me, Ron.

Ron Weasley: Unicorn Turds.
Beküldő: voldemort's nipple 2009. március 12.
35 5
unicorn turds are unicorn's sparkly, flourescent, rainbow turds which, when cut open, reveal my little ponie's magical paradise!!!!
often used in place of an expletive
"Oh unicorn turds!"
Beküldő: wowohmygod 2010. február 12.
14 2
sparkly substance that is projected from the anus of the unicorn
Violet Unicorn- Help, my poopy hurtie comie outie, airgo, unicorn turd
Beküldő: kamkampeacewins 2009. február 12.
7 2