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The undergarments warn by both males and females.
I want you to do something for me..take of your undies and send them to me by express mail so I can get a sniff of what you smell like.
Beküldő: basketcase_101 2003. június 14.
in deaf culture, the word "understand" is shortened for quick communication.
What do you mean? I don't undy.
Beküldő: "Norma Rae" 2009. július 26.
oh undies if they get too dirty flip them inside out and they are good for another week!!!
dudei've worn my undies for two weeks straight ithink i better change them!!
Beküldő: jojo g. 2006. október 8.
High school underclassmen (especially freshmen and sophomores).
I got shoved by an undie in the hallway today so I schooled 'im!

The undies in my photography class thought I was a freshman -_-
Beküldő: Ello the band geek 2009. december 18.
underwear, especially women's underware
Her undies were clearly stained.
Beküldő: Light Joker 2005. július 24.
The undercover law enforcement
Guy 1: who's that creeping
Guy 2: its the undies bro hide the loud
Beküldő: Youngtadoe 2016. május 30.
Cock(colloqial word in malayalam)
she sucked my undy till i cummed in her mouth
Beküldő: Varghese 2007. október 9.
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