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from the Japanese verb 'ukeru' (receive) it's used in anime/manga and fanfiction for the "bottom" or "passive" in a yaoi/shounen-ai (male/male) relationship.
Generally the shorter, cuter, sweeter of the two... generally.
See seme for more info.
I'm a uke!
Beküldő: Alexi Dalziel 2003. augusztus 12.
partner on bottom, submissive one in relationship , usually younger and less experienced the the seme
Beküldő: blah 2003. november 8.
The Japanese term for the partner on the bottom. Used in conjunction with seme and yaoi.
Harlequinn Goldman
Beküldő: Alyson 2003. március 31.
Often referring to yaoi manga, ukes are usually the bottom ones. Opposite of semes, ukes are usually cute, has less experience with sex, kind, those kinds of things.
Some people are fitting more as ukes.
Beküldő: MisaTange 2009. augusztus 17.
The person on "bottom" or the submissive person during intercourse. Contrary to popular belief, this word is not always associated with sonen-ai or the likes thereof.
"During sex with my girlfriend, I am usually seme"
Beküldő: AJ and Jimmy 2003. november 14.
during a guy x guy relationship the older male is the seme and the younger is the UKE meaning the younger is the female part in the relationship.
in the manga junjou romantica misaki is the UKE well usami akihiko aka usagi-san is the seme.
Beküldő: yuuki hisagi 2009. június 27.
Alternative word to describe a Martial Arts partner, or attacker, who is the recipient of the technique to be practiced or attempted.

Also, can be the problem child from the class, i.e. doubting Thomas, to be used for an example to train them mentally. The Demonstratee.
"Ok, I need volunteer to show this technique. Ah, Gerald, come on up here!"
Beküldő: T&E 2005. augusztus 16.