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female genitalia
jane douched her twat pocket on a regular basis.
Beküldő: kristen renae 2003. szeptember 11.
39 9
to warm up a hot pocket, cut 1 end off and fuck it
the fat lonely man made a twat pocket after his girlfriend dumped him.
Beküldő: Joe Fwice 2008. március 31.
52 24
also known as a " sausage wallet " or " buffalo gums " or " rooster jaws "
The meat drapery displayed by LaShawntay was a perfect example of a twat pocket. I will pass on that dinner roll
Beküldő: www.icoremusic.com 2004. március 18.
27 10
A variant of twat used as a insult against one who is being particularly annoying or prick-like.
Person 1: How's your room mate?
Person 2: Argh! The smarmy little twatpocket never shuts the fuck up!
Beküldő: 12916studios 2007. november 12.
8 2
When a woman has extremely tight pants on and it creates a pocket around her vagina
Did you she her twat pocket she got some fat lips on her.
Beküldő: $osa 2007. június 27.
9 4
1. Someone who is or resembles a pussy
Clay was too scared to go streaking, what a twat pocket.
Beküldő: master pimp juice 2009. augusztus 7.
5 3
a pussy, one who is scared of something, loser, or your mother-in-law
Shut the fuck up you twat pocket
Beküldő: Morgan Gratton 2008. szeptember 20.
5 5