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To use nitpicky details to rob someone of what they have rightfully earned.
Alex Trebek likes to Trebek people on Jeopardy when they don't have the 100% exact answer.
Beküldő: TrebekizFake 2011. február 16.
14 3
To trebek is to reference a person to the male genitalia. If a person is being cynical, difficult, or down right annoying labeling them as a trebek is the equivelent of calling them a ,"Dick."
"Wow, Floyd you are being such a trebek right now."
"Oh man... is your trebek alright? I didn't think I could throw that hard."
"GOD, My boss is such a trebek".
Beküldő: Mr. Benevolent 2010. május 7.
18 7
To settle an argument by simply looking up the facts on the internet.
"The band Killing Joke is made up entirely of Midgets!"
"No it's not!"
"I'll trebek it."
Beküldő: lostylost 2009. november 16.
7 8
rapper from south austin
I don't care I'll fuck up trebek's $150 jersey
Beküldő: ai'thang boy 2003. szeptember 5.
3 46