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The licking or eating in and around the ass.
Baby, that ass is so fine that I'm gonna toss your salad. I bet I'll cum just from licking inside of your sweet ass.
Beküldő: Fetish 2003. január 29.
To insert the tongue into the ass of another person.
After a long hard day at the office, my boss likes to toss my salad before sending me home.
Beküldő: Ginza 2003. október 24.
to lick out an asshole
hey buddy, you wanna toss my salad after we finish watching the antique roadshow?
Beküldő: fartsniffer 2002. május 25.
prepare lettuce appropriate for consumption
For dinner, people will often toss salad to serve as a first course
Beküldő: Rod Munch 2003. augusztus 9.
eating out the asshole
Chris W., did you get your salad tossed by Kelly last night
Beküldő: 413 2005. január 2.
when a man or woman licks another man or woman's ass.
damn, that chop is wild. she tossed my salad the first night i met her...
Beküldő: The Veteran 2003. július 7.
Sexual arousal through the mastication of the anal cavity.
Most men are afraid to toss salad for fear of the homosexual conotation.
Beküldő: Courtney E. 2005. október 28.
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