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Well known mostly by word-of-mouth, underground
Dopest Dilla-inspired beats and Joy Orbison style flexes from London's hugely tipped Pariah.
Beküldő: j4ourk 2011. április 13.
7 2
to leave or get away from a bad scene
"I saw what Meener's was getting ready to do so I tipped!
Beküldő: go606 2012. július 30.
4 0
When someone tries to say something funny, but nobody laughs at all.
Nick: How many electricians does it take to change a lightbulb?
Everybody else: Umm, Idk. How many?
Nick: One
*nobody laughs*
Everybody: Wow, he hella just tipped..
Beküldő: Yuuurr Boii 2010. december 18.
7 4
a dude sticks the tip of his dick in a chicks vagital. then pulls out in fear of premature without a rubber
yea, that kid tipped chelsea
Beküldő: Googlenig 2009. január 5.
16 14
to be really tired.
knocked out.
ready to crash.
im tipped cuh.
Beküldő: booze101 2008. július 10.
12 11
Another word for drunk. Comes after tipsy.
I was way past tipsy last night, I was completely tipped.
Beküldő: shopping-whore 2014. március 2.
0 0
A derivative from the phrase 'Tip Top' meaning exceedingly good.

Synonyms: Excellent, Bodacious, Remarkable, Jim Dandy, Outstanding
Antonyms: Untipped, Wank, Horrendous, Hogwash, Tommy Rot
I'm feeling totally tipped today
Beküldő: The Hindhoff 2013. július 10.
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