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smarty pants
timmy thinks he knows it all at age of 6 so hes a smarty pants
Beküldő: bschoenauer2012 2012. július 26.
13 13
the biggest nubbletsauce on earth! He is a full blown stoner, loves techa-ninna, is usually tall, loves to pretend to rap, and is the best in bed, but shows to much buttcrack!
Guy1: Did you see timmy last night?
Guy2: Naw foo, but i heard he got crazy and shiit!
Guy1: damn that boy, he can get down!
Beküldő: MissSpazz 2011. február 18.
22 22
A white person who desperately wants to be black.
He sags, has a flat top, and smokes. What a Timmy.
Beküldő: Mr. Bush 2011. február 13.
63 63
What people say for no reason
Beküldő: Rlyn *_et 2003. október 17.
23 23
The name of the most derpy League of Legends summoner ever to walk Valoran. He frequently utters complete nonsense and towerdives at level 1. It is suspected that he may be mentally handicapped, or just incredibly overconfident. He is also a frequent viewer of Apples.mov
Timmy: I can take em'!
Announcer: An ally has been slain!
Beküldő: The "Z" 2011. november 21.
3 7
When your really crushin or happy over someone.
the biggest smile!

"mang, hes all timmy"

"im so timmy"
"mang, hes all timmy"

"im so timmy"
Beküldő: Triples4289 2011. május 24.
3 9
Props the gayest mother fucker you'll ever meet. He likes to lay in bed at night, cuddle up with a pillow and talk on the phone with guys.
Beküldő: yoyomaaaaaamaaaa 2011. július 31.
9 21