Ugly Vietnamese girl who posts her pictures on myspace. Uses her hot body to cover up her fugly face.
Damn, than girl is a Tila Nguyen. Put a paper bag over her and I'll bang her.
Beküldő: James P 2005. január 5.
the asian paris hilton... but with slightly less talent
seriously... judging from her biography, tila nguyen's done nothing except drugs before being 'discovered' by playboy. i guess some people are luckier than others
Beküldő: anonymous henchman 2006. május 22.
aka tila tequila according to her myspace, which 90% of people on there had her as a "friend". don't really find her attractive, not exactly a very gorgeous female.
I find most of the normal girls on myspace more attractive than this tila nguyen.
Beküldő: vinny 2005. április 16.
Very Hot Ass Asian Female
last night my dick turned raw after i continously whipped my mule while looking at Tila Nguyen pictures
Beküldő: some TFer 2004. február 29.
Actually...its Tee-la wen....not vietnamese...
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. október 30.
not hottest asian girl alive, hottest girl alive. period.
u know im right
Beküldő: Rory 2003. december 4.
Very Beautifull!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. október 7.

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