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a girl with perfect hips and thighs and knows how to rock a bikini. Usually has the best body out and goes perfect with abs. Thigh gaps arent even needed if you have thunder thighs, your basically perfect already! be careful not to judge people by this, and dont use it against them.

thunder thighs are the opposite to fat so dont make it out to be
person 1: dayumm girl you got some thunder thighs!

person 2: biggest hottie out
Beküldő: biggesthottayevahh 2013. november 26.
thighs tha are the size of dinner hams that jiggle while you run
damn that girl has thunder thighs..yeah that ones so big i could live of it for a week
Beküldő: T-MONEY 2003. május 1.
A man or women that has massive thighs and legs that look fat, possibly disproportionate to the rest of their body.
Look at those woman's legs, she has thunder thighs
Beküldő: D_masters 2012. június 10.
When a person's thighs are so large, they clap like thunder.
Did you see that girl's hips? Damn she's got some thunder thighs.
Beküldő: hKbA 2010. október 17.
enourmously huge thighs, usually matched with huge slabs of fat falling over them.
Dude that chick has major thunder thighs....i could climb into one and live
Beküldő: Chelli 2004. szeptember 11.
Basically, you have normal thighs, then they get fat (tier 1). But when they get like even fatter, you get another level of fat like a hill of fat(tier 2), which is loose off the other fat so when a thunder thigh is being walked besides the legs (tier 1) rubbing against eachother they (tier 2) hit eachother making a noise, hence thunder coming into the expression, most likely to because of alliteration for a dramatic, comedic affect. This sound can have a brighter tone and richer feel if accentuated with bumpy cellulite
Damn, those thunder thigs are so massive it looks like shes got a second arse

It's like someones stuck balloons in those thunder tighs

No, no....come on, this cant be real, that girls got thunder thighs ripping out like the hulk
Beküldő: F-Laboyrie 2007. május 31.
when someone has extreeemely large thighs (guy or girl) may be a very muscly guy and may involve OVERHANG. these thighs are so powerful that when running is done by the individual, the ground may rmble like thunder hence 'thunder' and some times sparks may be produced like lightining.
A - "wooow what the hell is that???"
B - "EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!"
A - "oh wait no its only Jimmy and Singo, jesus look at those thunder thighs!!!!!"
Beküldő: zachary1604 2009. február 23.