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When a person of a certain sex, male or female, takes advantage of someone of the same sex, even though the person being taken advantage of does not have a same sex sexual orientation.
guy 1: Man, you hear about Ralph?
guy 2: No man, what happened?
guy 1: Joey caught him in the trap!
guy 2: So Joey fucked ralph?!
guy 1: yeah man, the trap.
guy 2: damn...
Beküldő: Dudstur 2012. szeptember 18.
in,atlanta it means the the place where,sell,drug,s,like gucci mane say in my trap house is ahouse where,u sell drug,s
i was in the trap all night trying 2 get that money
Beküldő: joey bezzle 2006. május 16.
A hangout place and/or a crackhouse.
Meet me at the trap its goin down.
Beküldő: Olie The Goalie 2006. április 20.
A place that keeps you unnoticeably detained all night.
i.e. a strip club, and or some Ho's house
Man i did not get home until 4am last night. I got caught in the trap.
Beküldő: CP of jax 2006. szeptember 28.
The worst type of trap ever. Similar to The Game in the sense that it is inescapable. It can only be executed by the best trappers, however, and is very difficult to produce.
I fell for The Trap, and now I'm stuck forever!
Beküldő: AnonyMan543 2010. május 9.