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the government
fuck the machine
Beküldő: BlackDragonV1 2003. november 16.
Nickname for current Laker backup guard Sasha Vujacic given by legendary Laker commentator Stu Lantz.
"The Machine launches a 3 from the corner's GOOD!!!"
#machine #the machine #sasha #lakers #vujacic #laker
Beküldő: calTR0N 2008. július 10.
Anything that alters your decisions other than your own mind
for example...
the government
internet (to a certain degree)
music (but thats still cool)
1. Rage against the machine has no genre because they are ragin against the machine
#the man #ratm #bruce lee #anarchy #zack de la rocha
Beküldő: Eazy728 2008. augusztus 12.
mascot of pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, Brian Wilson. First seen during a Skype session with Chris Rose where the machine, a man dressed like the gimp, walked in the background. It has since become an inside joke with Brian and all his fans and as he said at the world series parade, "Wheres the Machine?"
The Machine is a man of few words.
#brian #wilson #baseball #machine #gimp #chris #rose
Beküldő: AlexHodge 2010. november 9.
An general all-round good egg who is often found pumping iron in sheds.
People described as The Machine are known to partake in the practice of putting lemon juice in their hair resulting in 'natural highlights'.
Jimmy: I wonder why that lad goes into the shed every lunch time?

Bob: Because he's The Machine!

Jimmy: Ah, i get ya.
#machine #highlights #shed #good egg #pumping iron
Beküldő: CarbonMan 2008. október 2.
Derogatory term for laptops. Used often in classes involving American history.
#laptop #computer #apple #flagpole #history
Beküldő: BakingLemurs 2010. április 29.
Formed Nyack, New York in 1987 The Machine, began recreating the extensive psychedelic jams of Pink Floyd" The Machine is made up of four very talented musicians, Joe Pascarell – guitar and lead vocals; Neil Alexander – keyboard and backing vocals; Ryan Ball – bass and backing vocals; Todd Cohen – drums.
Jes: What did you do tonight?
Tova: I went with some friends to see The Machine
Jes: Oh yeah? How was it?
Tova: Amazing.
#psychedelic #pink floyd #musicians #jams #new york
Beküldő: Brown Eyed Girl 2006. május 8.
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