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America's newest psychedelic disco polka super-group.

Formed at the Monte' Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, the band have been on the cutting edge of the psychedelic disco polka craze since 1997.

Produced such groundbreaking albums as, "Quif", "Burnt Out" and "The Underground Bootleg Live Interview".
"I waited 3 hours last night in the Velvet Tractor Room for a concert by The Mons only to find out the show had been canceled."

"When I got into their free groupie transportation vehicle, I had no idea it was one way.
#band #music #funky #psychedelic #disco #polka
Beküldő: RevBrymo 2009. október 20.
Pittsburghese for the Monongahela River, one of the famous "Three Rivers" that, along with the Allegheny and the Ohio, runs through the 'Burgh. Can also refer to the Mon Incline.
I took the Mon up to Mt. Washington enat.
#mon #monongahela #river #incline #pittsburghese
Beküldő: emsee 2006. november 16.
Musical group formed in 1997 in Las Vegas
The Mons are musical genuises!
#music #disco #polka #mons #virtual
Beküldő: Zephmo 2006. április 30.
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