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A loss, whether it be financial, emotional, physical, etc.
"Damn I just failed my test. That's the L."

"Now that my car was stolen, I'm just going to have to take the L on that cross-country road trip."
Beküldő: DDdaza 2007. május 5.
An abbreviation for the NBA. From "The League"
"Golden State is the nicest team in the L."
Beküldő: BigNasty301 2008. január 27.
An Establishment that sells alcoholic beverages
I'm gonna run to THE L and gets me a 40
Beküldő: jack bone 2008. február 13.
a headlock,named after the fact that it looks like an uppercase letter L
Tim:Jon,I fucked your baby sister last night
Jon:Shut your mouth before I put you in the L
Jon(throwing him in the L):You in the L now son!
Beküldő: Bigg Joe 2007. október 10.