this great saying first came from will ferrel acting as alex trebek on celebrity jeopardy. It means shut up that is stupid. It is also used to things that you don't want to hear anymore.
Jamie: I really love listening to that Hillary Duff song.

Tyler: Thank you, Thank you
Beküldő: john Casey 2004. április 15.
What to say when y’are in a pickle with some one (from those one commercials..)
Girl-"Why are you so mean some times?!?"

Guy-"Umm..Thank you?"

Girl-"Wow, Greg...You've never said that to me before!!!"*big elated smile here*
Beküldő: Victor Van Styn 2005. október 7.
To beat off into your own mouth.
I just thanked you. It tasted good
Beküldő: Spanky mc Wackwack 2003. december 12.
pointless manners stuff
Thanks dude, now i can shoot myself with this fucking gun
Beküldő: razor wit 2003. szeptember 7.
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