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The vietnamese celebration of lunar newyear
Tet's like 4th of july, christmas and new year all rolled into one. Every zipperhead in 'nam will be banging a gong barkin' at the moon and visting his dead relatives
Beküldő: Azz 2004. július 29.
Irish for tits
liggat tha tets on that foyn filli!
Beküldő: Wise Man 2003. július 15.
A girl who pretends to be a whore, but is actually a prude with relationship issues.
Evani is such a tet.

My ex, Carly, turned out to be such a tet.
Beküldő: suckthisbrandon 2012. február 26.
saggy man boobs on a hispanic middle-aged man.
I went into the Nike outlet store and tried on a shirt that showed my tets. Ay caramba!
Beküldő: acamale 2009. október 18.
Tough Economic Times
"Man these T.E.T's are really killing me. My income went from 99,000,000 to only
98,999,900. How am I going to feed my family?"
Beküldő: Steve Berra 2009. március 6.
Tough Economic Times
I would by a house right now, but for the TET.
Beküldő: Kaylie W. 2009. március 26.
Literally: Tough Economic Times.
You're broke as a joke because the economy is in a recession.

We're going to El Pollo Loco instead of El Cholo.. T.E.T. man.. T.E.T.

Beküldő: lytebryte120 2009. február 5.
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