The dislexic version of 'the'.
Dislexics are teople poo...
Beküldő: Lindsey 2004. február 14.

common dislexia while meaning to type "the" - Used by gamers who play urban terror. like there I was just about to blow teh ass offa him when BOOM.!!
Beküldő: teh 2003. május 19.
intentional mispelling of teh word the
teh gay with teh last defination is teh racist n3gr0
Beküldő: ch43t1ng 4r4b 2003. május 11.
For big queerbags who dont know how to
Can you pass teh milk...oops the*
Beküldő: -=Cr1s1s=- 2005. június 21.
My new way to spell "the" in the online world.
Coke is teh real thing.
Beküldő: Lara 2004. december 24.
"Leet or 733t" term for the word "the".
OMGOMGOMG. Teh dude just owned jooo!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. április 12.
used in the elma community when referring to something that was already mentioned. sort of like 'it' or 'that'
that move is impossible.. how do you do teh?

anyone seen batman yet?
ye i've seen teh

would anyone like to suck my balles?
ok i'll suck teh for you
Beküldő: jaytea 2005. június 26.
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