intentional misspelling of "the." see yuo.
I am going to teh best movie ever tonight. it is called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Beküldő: webbed feet 2002. november 22.
common misspelling of the word the
Josh, you are teh bomb!
Beküldő: Teh Bomb 2006. május 24.
In Thai teh means cool so if you put it front of other words it kind of adds to the 2nd word making it more a way. I guess.
teh awesome and teh suckage are pretty common.
Beküldő: lokicoy 2006. április 14.
internet slang for the word "the",
l33t word
h@xx0r'$ r teh l33t
hackers are the elite
Beküldő: dylan t. 2006. február 25.
The, used in front of something cool.
I went to teh mall today and it was teh kewlz.
Beküldő: Caroline 2004. április 20.
The dislexic version of 'the'.
Dislexics are teople poo...
Beküldő: Lindsey 2004. február 14.
"The", An intentional misspelling of.
1. Teh fools on teh site can't spell l33t. fux0rs.
Beküldő: Xan 2003. november 3.

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