Great stuff that nearly even British person is addicted to... including me. It doesn't really help your thirst, albeit it makes you thirstIER!
Janice: God, I love tea!
Samantha: Yeah I know! My husband Paul got me addicted to it!
Beküldő: Paper Heart 2009. április 8.
very juicy and tasty gossip
"girl you hear about that boy who got old girl pregnant?
"what girl no give me the tea"
Beküldő: jezzybell 2013. december 7.
she has a nice ass
guy: wow look at Tea, she has a nice ass
Beküldő: jesuses dick 2013. szeptember 30.
When it is spelled with a capital letter, without needing one, in the middle of the sentence, it is most likely a reference to anal sex.
"Would you like some Tea, miss?"
Beküldő: Mr.Underscore. 2012. november 29.
A tasty brewed brown plant water.
Tom: Whatcha doing?

Jenny: Making tea.

Tom: Cool, I was in the mood for some plant water.
Beküldő: peacewolf101 2012. január 28.
Baby gravy
The tea party last night was so messy there was tea everywhere.
Beküldő: Lion/of/Destiny 2010. július 31.
Dried leaves in hot water.
Tea. Not the most mouth-watering combination, but works quite well.
Beküldő: Squeed 2005. szeptember 3.

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