Usually in people with eating disorders, Tanking is drinking a large amount of water in a short time to gain weight before a weigh in.
'I've lost 2lbs, I'm going to have to do some serious tanking before my weigh in on friday.'
'She is just tanking to get out.'
Beküldő: TeganR 2009. május 10.
Used to describe someone who gets at fat girls.
Is Reese tanking that tank?
Beküldő: Le Boots 2008. február 24.
When its a race to get to the bathroom after your stomach has been hurting so bad and taking the biggest shit possible.
*he runs to the bathroom*
Dude2: O my god hes tanking in my bathroon ....
Beküldő: Mark-Shadows 2009. október 30.
This refers to a player in a computer game that is gaining excess hitpoints and armour, thereby being more difficult to eliminate by his/her enemies
I don't want to fight with my character yet. I would be tanking my hero instead
Beküldő: Hungynguyen 2008. január 22.
to perform fellatio.
im tanking my boyfriend tonight!
Beküldő: imapriest 2009. április 13.
Doing so poorly as to be in the toilet
Boy, my team is really tanking today!
Beküldő: Janet Pinter 2008. január 20.
to be physically abused or beaten.
"her ma gave her a right tanking when she got home"

"i tanked that bitch"
Beküldő: gemma the llama 2008. január 20.

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