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Toronto. Derived from Toronto, Ontario or T.O. (Tee dot Oh dot)
also Tee Oh
The first time I heard T dot was in a Rascalz video.
Beküldő: labelmonkey 2003. október 5.
672 166
Appropriate slang reference to city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada or immediate surrounds.
note:may or may not be preceded by "the"
Are you hittin that Beatmatch party in Tdot?
Beküldő: Little j (of Flylife) 2002. augusztus 22.
458 97
Toronto Ontario, in Canada
Yo I wanna drop by T Dot for carribana
Beküldő: da_preach 2003. augusztus 23.
392 158
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.the name "T DOT" was popuralized to the mainstream through its use in a lot of tracks by toronto hip hop artists.
"TDOT make some noise!!!"
Beküldő: Joss the boss 2006. július 13.
321 114
the best city in the world

Everyone wants to be in the T-Dot
Beküldő: name 2003. március 8.
253 78
another way of sayin toronto
Beküldő: swimmer 2003. augusztus 21.
336 196
the best place to be
Beküldő: anonymous 2003. július 31.
406 310