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1. Excl: An exclamation that warns another to back off or you will get violent.
2. Adj: Describes a situation or object aggreeable to one's preference.
3. Verb: Swet=See, as in "See you later!"
"Swet! Swet! I'll kick your nuts"
"That's a pretty swet flower arrangement."
"Swet you later!"

#what? #hey! #yo! #nice #cool #likeable #see #catch #poor #disagreeable #sahway #saweh #sweat #southwest
Beküldő: Pablo Medi 2006. április 12.
A word that describes something that's hot. Or something that would typically take a lot of skill and practice to do, therefore causing the person to sweat.
Forget your ex. That new girl you got right there is a swet.

That double under-the-legs dunk you did at the end of the 3rd quarter was a friggin swet, bro!
#fire #hawt #hottie #da bomb #sweating #swetty
Beküldő: tHEBx41 2012. november 7.
A common typo for sweet, one typo that is usually created on purpose, only through an instant messanger consversation. This word is a breakthrough in internet lingo. The one creator of all said lingo, Joseph Dubovik, will be remembered into the days ahead.
xxxTkngBakSundyGrlxxx: HEY

XXbrokenheartedXX: hey y0, im so swet, i just thought about when i was making leetsaus in my kitchen, and then i was like, whoaa
#sweet #swet #swoot #leet #leetsause #leetest
Beküldő: Jonathon Grendjmeier 2005. október 23.
A male or man or boy
In a chatroom:
guy2:im a swet
Beküldő: Kooby 2005. május 25.
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