a swisher sweet cigar with marijuana rolled up in it.
Damn I just smoked 2 sweets and I'm fucked up.
Beküldő: txsmoker 2003. május 10.
A sex tweet.
He was busted for sending sweets.
Beküldő: k1011 2011. június 27.
something a girl says when she is talking about a guy and means "bad butt" (secretly doesn't like the guy)
girl 1:so what was he like?
*awkward silence*
girl 2:He was... sweet
girl 1:oh. =
Beküldő: starting*riots 2009. január 13.
Totally awesome, or, the general response to a stunt or trick of high quality, and regard. To perform with utter, unadulterated awesomeness.
Dude, that was like the sweetest move I've ever seen!

It would be pretty sweet if you could pull off a 900.

Beküldő: booc0mtaco 2004. október 26.
some girl scout selling some sweets at the door
Beküldő: boogerboy 2003. június 14.
if someone does something to be acting gay or if they say something gay
omgg you mad sweet!

Beküldő: J3NNiiF3R 2007. november 14.
An adjective or noun describing a cute girl who isn't quite legal. More specifically it refers to a girl who is sixteen.
You know you have a sweet tooth when you still have pictures of Lizzie McGuire on your walls.
Beküldő: phat ho 2005. november 30.

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