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meaning: style or class
Diesel shoes carry a sporty swank.
Beküldő: julie bing 2005. január 24.
233 158
Extremely cool; dope; kickass
Man, that car is so swank.
Beküldő: Pimp Daddy Greene 2003. január 22.
684 158
!) Very classy, and/or tasteful
2) Very good weed; Dank (opposite of swag)
I have a swank bag, it's lime coloured with some red in it, and matches my shoes.
Beküldő: Audi 2003. május 6.
384 218
the coolest of cool. smoother than smooth
school is totally un-swank
Beküldő: the queen of swank 2004. július 19.
200 110
The act of being spanked with a walrus.
I just swanked Timmy.
Beküldő: pooriggusaur 2009. október 10.
158 104
A word used to express how good something looks or is, usually in the context of it bieng funky as well.
Man, that is one swank jacket.
Beküldő: Penstripe 2004. január 13.
124 86
What happens when you combine Swagger and Lank. Being both extremely tall and having extremely long limbs in contrast to your torso while also having great style and confidence.
Damn that NBA stars got swagger!
Na... hes got the ill swank.

Imagine Yao Ming and Soulja Boy hoppin outa bed together and "turnin their swag on". (www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yRme0C2pmI)
Beküldő: Alver 2010. december 9.
145 132