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Extremely cool; dope; kickass
Man, that car is so swank.
Beküldő: Pimp Daddy Greene 2003. január 22.
!) Very classy, and/or tasteful
2) Very good weed; Dank (opposite of swag)
I have a swank bag, it's lime coloured with some red in it, and matches my shoes.
Beküldő: Audi 2003. május 6.
the coolest of cool. smoother than smooth
school is totally un-swank
Beküldő: the queen of swank 2004. július 19.
A word used to express how good something looks or is, usually in the context of it bieng funky as well.
Man, that is one swank jacket.
Beküldő: Penstripe 2004. január 13.
Adv. When something is of nice value and hecka ballin.

Used in modern times to describe a situation involving g-money, or describing an object and/or person of high ballin-a-tude.
Guy #1:You see that guys Ferrari?!
Black Guy #2:yeahhh, it was pretty dang swank.
Beküldő: Sethfafa 2010. október 14.
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