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urine, pee (used commonly in India).
"I want to make susu really badly."

Beküldő: gio8282 2008. augusztus 29.
"she has big susu"
Beküldő: phuk yoo 2003. november 2.
breasts, translated from tagalo
wow! look at the size of her su su's! wouldnt mind nibbling them!
Beküldő: supertad 2005. június 2.
(noun) urine, wee, pee-pee
Me: I wanna make susu! Now!
You: Go around the bushes
Beküldő: sue 2005. február 8.
A term used in Jamaica, - to talk about someone (usually in a negative way) when they are not around.

One will usually susu PON something

AKA - talking behind someone's back
Mi nah let yuh susu pon dem so.
Beküldő: Crunkturd 2012. február 17.
to bang your girl super damn hard till she cry!
dude i su-sued my girl hard as fuck last night
Beküldő: blackie12345 2011. szeptember 3.
something that is cute or awesome
Look at those cute kittens Katie is petting. Susu!
Beküldő: Fancis Scott Key 2010. július 24.