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support is aid provided to resolve an international problem or money given to resolve an international dispute
The United Nations supported the conflict in Afghanistan
Beküldő: Dr. Yohan Jacobs 2004. október 25.
1.) Sex (of any type)

2.) Booze

3.) Controlled Substances
Support our troops!
Beküldő: SmellyPirateHookerFucker 2009. január 11.
a jockstrap, an atheletic supporter. Serves as a device for the protection of the genitals
Matt put the support on his crotchal area
Beküldő: matt 2004. május 24.
the myspace version of aids, mainly acclaimed to those with many friends.
Gerry: hey tom, how many friends you got?
Tom: 576
Gerry: well, you gotsupport.hahahahahaha
Beküldő: Kozai 2008. július 10.