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what you say to get hoes! I'll be cruising in my 68 impala wit my hydros goin bleep bleep... Dammmmmn I'll be like sup bitches!
Yo wassssup bitches!!
Beküldő: Sup bitches 2004. április 24.
86 44
The most manly way to trash-talk one about one's death. From the XBOX360 game "Gears of War".
Locust: *death gurgle*
Dom: 'Sup bitches?
Beküldő: Mitch2 2008. június 12.
18 7
The word(s) "sup bitch?" meaning is "what's up female dog" or "what is up female dog" sup bitch is usually also used to insult someone.
Sup bitch? Nothin faggot, what about you?
Beküldő: The real Samuel 2012. június 2.
4 4