Adj. the best adjective for describing the human population, including myself
You are stupid.
I am stupid.
We are stupid, especially you
Beküldő: The man who's standing behind you right now 2004. április 10.
you because you urban dictionaried it
you are stupid if your still reading this
Beküldő: mah.ham 2011. december 11.
1. Slow of mind

2. Unintelligent

3. Homer Simpson
If you looked up stupid in the dictionary there would be a picture of me.
Beküldő: me 2004. december 13.
Get dumb, turfin, a dance
Im getting dumb stupid crazy retarted
Beküldő: sasasd 2003. november 26.
A word describing anyone who has to look up this word.
Congradulations! you've just reached a whole new level on the stupidity scale!... You probably think that's a good thing.
Beküldő: asreallasitgets 2009. szeptember 30.
Someone who dosen't know something who is not very good at answering tough questions or make retarded noises.
Tom:He thought he was gonna win his so stupid

Josh:I know.....wait..What does stupid mean again?
Beküldő: TheWaffleMaster 2008. október 11.
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