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A town in eastern PA you spend your entire childhood trying to leave but when you get out you miss it, and you've got no idea why.
You move, go to college or just wake up far away and you're like damn I miss Stroudsburg, not the town so much as the little things.
Beküldő: Shannon Burns 2006. április 30.
stroudsburg was mainly a town where there was woods everywhere and it looked so nice with all the trees,but suddenly over the past 5 years..its turned into a nightmare with all these new yorkers coming thinkin they're the shit..meaning they have to cut down the trees and make more buildings and houses and a bunch of crap that no one needs. and don't even get me STARTED on how many furniture stores we have. you go past a furniture store and you dont see a single car in the parking lot. there was also NEVER a problem with gangs and all that crap, but now, my baby sister sees a gangfight while we're driving passed the raymore and flannigan furniture store. what has stroudsburg turned into? a mini new york.
stroudsburg sucks, but it grows on you and you gotta love it, especially if you've lived here most of your life.
lets just blame the new yorkers!
stroudsburg resident: many furniture stores are they gunna make around here?
other stroudsburg resident:gee..i dont know man. so far theres about 13 of them.

new yorker: stroudsburg sucks ass.
highschool kid: well then maybe you should go back to new york nigger!

news reporter:the new development has done damage to the creek near by. its foul sewage is ruining everything.
man watching news reporter: sonofa bitch!! you know what it is??! its these god damn new yorkers moving in here!

kid:damn...what the shit happened to all the trees?

other kid: they just made a god damn 9 story school for 2 grades.
Beküldő: stroudsburg resident 2006. augusztus 25.
It is a very small city in the Poconos, PA. It is one of the few places that has sidewalks and a slightly urban, or suburban feel with the old city look... almost, because it is small. There are plenty of transplants, as in most of the Pocono Mountain area. The city has a mix of country-ish people and the previously urban. It is in a tourist area. A small mall, a few decent eateries aside from the tourist attractions of its general location. There seems to be a conflict between the people that have lived here for a very long time, perhaps generations, and the recently emigrated.
A racist white man from stroudsburg (3 generations) makes a comment about the urban influx.. and this breaches his intellectual insights about the capabilities of the human mind and its capacity. Race is a purely theoretical concept to this man, and the years of watching news geared to a white-middle class audience have done him in.
Beküldő: XMZ 2010. december 16.
one of the most boring places on earth.. packed with new yorkers thinking they're tough cause they're from the "b.x." or somthin stupid, ive lived here my entire life and all i hear are these city kids complaining that its boring.. i always tell them that they should move back if they dont like it here, nobody wants them here and they're all corrupting the whole area.. stroudsburg used to be empty in the 90's but as soon as 9-11 happened they poured in. again nobody wants them, there is over 82% new yorkers or other city people in stroudsburg high school, it is packed. so please do all us natives a favor and move back "yo".
city kid: yo man, this place be dumb borin yo

stroudsburg native: shut up and leave then, stop complaining you cant always have it your way.
Beküldő: rap's a joke 2006. március 2.
One of the most boring towns in Eastern Pennsylvania. Filled with 'Gangstas' Skaters and idiots. The school system is terrible, as is most of the community. Mostly due to the influx of New Yorkers who consider this to be the 'country'. The school's are almost filled completely with Skaters, Preps, and idiot ghetto 'thugs'. 95% of them are morons.
Please, do yourself a favor, avoid Stroudsburg at all costs. Really.
Beküldő: Mittens 2004. június 11.
shittiest town you'll find in Eastern Pennslyvania. Filled with "gansta's" "skaters" "punks" etc. etc. Is also soon to be considered the 'sixth borough of new york city'. is inhabbited with all the idoit new yorkers (we never get any of the cool ones, just the idoits)
Can't wait to graduate and move out of Stroudsburg.
Beküldő: Andy M 2005. április 21.
A shitass town in eastern Pennsylvania where pittbulls run free in residential neighborhoods.
Stroudsburg is a place where your palistinian neighbors let their pitbull run free in the community so it can kill your cats. Also here in the 'burg' you call the cops to do something about this neighborhood menace and they ask to see your dead cat. You show him your mawled kitten and then he proceeds to ask you where the dog is. You tell him next door. So he goes and sees blood all over the dogs face and then leaves. Everyday i walk outside this dog is in my yard. I keep telling it that there is no more cats to eat because she killed them all,but she keeps coming back.
Stroudsburg is full of fake ass thugs(wankstas)and wiggers. It sucks don't go you'll regret it.
Beküldő: Jacky 2005. március 27.

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