To cease do what you are currently doing.
Please stop beating me
Beküldő: MuzlFlash 2003. augusztus 18.
Spin Tires On Pavement
After he properly stopped at the stop sign the cop pulled him over and slapped him with a ticket.
Beküldő: Icrosoftmay Ucksay 2005. június 21.
The process in which one becomes stationary from a moving state.
I av stopped because of the Stop sign.
I do not stop for anybody.
Beküldő: Chancellor of the Exchequer 2003. augusztus 18.
1. Term directing one to cease because it's Hammertime
2. Term directing one to cease in the name of love
3. Term directing one to cease, collaborate, and listen
Joe: Stop!
Belinda: Oh, no.
Joe: In the name of love...
Belinda: Not again.
Joe: Before you break my heart!
#stahp #hammertime #cease #love #collaborate
Beküldő: BritLit 2014. március 20.
Search Team of Ohio Paranormal (S.T.O.P.)
A ghost hunting group of college students. Looking for new members equipment and search areas all the time.
S.T.O.P just proved that Moonville Tunnel is haunted
#search #team #ohio #parnormal #college #ghost hunting
Beküldő: thutch 2009. július 5.
Suction Termination Of Pregnancy
To S.T.O.P. a pregnancy is to terminate the life of an unborn using suction.
#s.t.o.p. #pregnancy #termination #baby #dead
Beküldő: klunk82 2007. november 8.
What you scream when you can't remember the safety word
When he saw the toy his wife was about to use on him, he couldn't remember the safety word so he just screamed stop.
#halt #impede #cease #end #discontinue
Beküldő: Joshua Ashmore 2010. november 24.
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